Our Work

Here at Simply Loft, we are working all over London converting unused loft spaces into beautiful rooms, improving homes and increasing property values.  There is a high chance that there is a property we have worked on in the vicinity of your home.  Our London loft conversion case studies section is perfect for finding Simply Loft projects near your home.  If you are stuck for ideas and inspiration, why not take a browse through this section and take a look through our London loft conversion case studies.  You will be able to see how other Simply Loft clients have transformed their homes and be able to see the detail and standard of our work.  Our case studies are split into different areas of London or alternatively you can browse through all of them by clicking on our view all tab.

Alternatively you may be looking for more specific ideas such as loft bathrooms, staircases etc. Our useful online gallery splits all of our images into sections so you can pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.  All images are taken from actual Simply Loft projects so you will be able to see the high quality and standard of our work.

Have you found Simply Loft on Pinterest yet?  Click our link on the homepage of our website to keep in touch with all our latest imagery and inspiration.