If you’re considering a loft conversion to your London home then the chances are you’re already looking at ways to optimise your space. It stands to reason, then, that the last thing you want to do once you have your loft conversion is squander the newly created space.

To help you decide how to best design and decorate your loft conversion, we’ve put together 10 of the best tips for making the most of your space by allowing it to look and feel bigger.

1. Paint your ceiling

If you paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls it can make the room look taller. This is because it stops your eyes from seeing exactly where the ‘join’ is and creates an illusion of more height.

Simply Loft space london conversion

2. Use light colours

Whites, creams and other light colours reflect light rather than absorbing it, giving a light, airy feel and making the room feel bigger. Combine with light-coloured flooring to complete the effect.

3. Use tall, built-in shelving

Built-in shelving has the double benefit of giving you more storage and reducing the amount of furniture needed on the floor. Keep it shallow – no more than 30 cm in depth – so that it’s not encroaching too much on the room and go to ceiling height where possible. It makes your ceiling look higher and increases your storage space.

Simply loft conversion skylight

4. Lots of natural light

Lighter rooms feel bigger so let in as much natural light as you can. When you’re planning your London loft conversion, think about the positioning and amount of skylights and dormer windows to maximise the sunlight in your room.

5. Mirrors

An extension of the natural light rule is using mirrors. It doubles your space’s visual size and reflects light, creating a feeling of expansive space. Hang a mirror opposite your window or – for maximum effect – opt for a wall of mirrored floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.

6. The more lights the better

Rather than just one central ceiling light (which causes light to pool in one space) opt for several smaller lamps, pendants or spotlights to spread light around the space.

7. Dramatic wall art

Go for one or two large, bold pieces of wall art. This makes the wall space appear larger than when you cover it with lots of smaller pieces.

8. Stripes

Stripes can really elongate your room so if you’re going for carpet, look at striped designs or, if you’re opting for wood or laminate flooring, choose a striped rug to finish it off. Make sure you orient the stripes so they run the longest length of the room for the maximum effect.

Simply loft conversion london daybed

9. Buy a daybed

If your loft conversion is going to be used as a guest bedroom rather than a family room, a daybed can be a fantastic space saver that also makes the room more versatile. Designed to look more like a sofa or bench, a daybed can also have hidden storage or even a collapsible trundle bed that can turn it into a double when needed.

10. Create designated areas

If your loft conversion is going to be multi-purpose (perhaps a home office and guest room), use rugs to create several small spaces for each area or activity, giving the illusion of having one bigger space.

To see how others have used their loft conversions, take a look at our case studies showing off a variety of London loft conversions.

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