Where will you be in four weeks? It’s not that long a period of time. But in four weeks, Simply Loft could be well on the way to transforming your home with a bespoke London loft conversion.

On average, our loft conversions are completed in just 6 – 8 weeks but what exactly happens in that time and what can you expect from one day to the next?

We’ve put together our diary of a loft conversion to give you a fairly good idea.

The plan of action below is based around one of our most recent projects. It involves a large rear dormer loft conversion to create a luxurious, large master suite; complete with bedroom, walk in wardrobe and en suite bathroom.

We asked our client to keep tabs on what was happening so we could publish a real life record of what goes down when one of our loft conversions go up.

How do we go from start to impressive finished article? Find out below with part one of our London Loft Conversion Diary.

Week 1

  • First off, the scaffolding goes up. It only took the team just over half a day to put up.
  • All of the materials are delivered to the house, including steels, timber etc
  • Construction begins on the suspended floor separating the loft from the ceiling below.
  • By the end of week one, the Simply Loft team has gained access through the roof to get to the loft

Week 2

  • The Dormer Frame is built from timber.  Everything in the loft will be constructed around this.
  • Stair case measurements are taken, to connect the new loft to the rest of the house.  It will only take a few days for the stair case to arrive.
  • The opening for the stair case is made ready for its arrival.

Loft Conversion timber dormer construction

Week 3

  • At the start of week 3, the stair case goes in.
  • With the space open to the heavens, the dormer is protected with a tarpaulin.
  • Simply Loft install wall and ceiling insulation. The loft is starting to become a proper part of the home.

Internal Stud Walls Loft Conversion

Week 4

  • Internal stud walls are built and area for the walk in wardrobe and bathroom is marked out.
  • The team even installs all  first fix plumbing and electrics.  Pipes and cables go in first so that they can be covered up at a later stage.


Stay tuned to the Simply Loft Blog for part two of our Diary of a Loft Conversion in London. You’ll find out how we finished the job and left one lucky family with a gorgeous new space to live in and enjoy from day one.



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