cool loft conversions

During spells of warm weather, loft conversions can get hot and stuffy, and this summer has seen the mercury rise into the early 30s, especially in the South East. If you are thinking of getting a loft conversion in London, then you’ll need to bear in mind how to keep it cool through the summer months.

Ventilate your London Loft Conversion

It may seem obvious, but having windows helps to keep a room cool and well ventilated. Velux Windows or skylights are the most common and effective ways to let heat escape. It is also possible to have Smart Velux Windows, which will open and close automatically if the temperature gets too hot or if it begins to rain. Another way to pull in cool air is to have a vent on the facing wall.

Insulate your London Loft Conversion

While you may think insulation is all about keeping a building warm, it can also help to keep it cool as it deflects heat away and prevents heat build-up, especially if radiant barriers are used.   All of our Simply Loft conversions are insulated to building regulation standards.

Shield from direct sunlight

Ever wondered why hot countries have window shutters? They are there to help to keep the room cool. Blocking direct sunlight with blinds, shutters or curtains stops a room heating up too much. If you have skylights, you can buy specially made blinds or awnings that will block out heat but still let in light.

Roof tiles for a London loft conversion

Using light coloured roof tiles such as terracotta, instead of browns or greys can help to keep buildings cool, which is why you see them in hot countries such as Spain.  However, this may not be an option for many houses in the capital, due to planning restrictions.  Also many parts of London are in conservation areas meaning you may only be able to use one type of material.

Air conditioning

One option for keeping your attic conversion cool is air conditioning. This is not the cheapest option and needs specialist insulation, but if you want to keep your carbon footprint down, you can install solar powered air conditioning units.

Want more space in your home? We at Simply Loft can help. As a London based loft conversion company, who have project managed and successfully completed hundreds of attic conversions in and around Greater London, we are expertly placed to bring your London loft conversion dreams to life. Contact us today for a free site survey.

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