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Simply Loft provide fantastic quality loft conversions in both South and North London, ensuring your home space is expanded with total expertise, care and professionalism, for a finished result that guarantees 100% happiness and satisfaction. The expert team at Simply Loft understand that there is nothing more personal than your own, private space and we strive to create somewhere that you enjoy spending your time in, relaxing, studying, socialising or simply just being. Whether you live alone and would like an additional room either for guests or storage, or have a large family that seem to be falling over each other, Simply can tailor a plan to suit your house, the type of building that you live in and your budget, with the end goal to create a home you are proud to call yours.

Why Choose Simply Loft? 

Simply Loft have executed top quality loft extensions all over London working with various different designs and ideas with a happy customer always at the end of it. Our stunning extensions don’t only add space to a house, they also bring character to a tired building and light to dull décor and are a fantastic, trustworthy choice should you be considering re-vamping and re-sizing your living space. From turning dingey mansion blocks into airy and spacious living quarters to slightly more complicated dormer conversions, Simply’s expert services stretch to a vast range of different building types and the team can advise you on which type of extension would best suit you and your home, whether that’s the budget friendly loft pod or the contemporary Velux conversion. There’s no issue if you feel your desired extension may be a little more complicated, with Simply’s past work on complex loft conversions, you’ll be reassured your visions can become reality.

Once the space is converted, the possibilities of what can be done with it are endless. From an extra bathroom, to a new and improved master bedroom or even a private study. If you know you need extra space but are unsure of where to start you can find images and success stories from all over London on this website, which will not only provide you with some fantastic interior inspiration but also assure you that a conversion with Simply Loft is the way forward.

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