Continuing on our theme of looking at various types of loft conversions, we’re taking a closer look at mansard loft conversions this week.

What is a mansard loft conversion?

A mansard loft conversion alters the structure of a sloping roof to a near straight slope at an angle of 72 degrees.  Windows are built into the roof as small dormers or even Juliette balconies are feasible.  The mansard conversion is usually erected to the rear of a property and is often considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of loft conversion.

What does a mansard loft conversion look like?

A mansard loft

A mansard loft

They can even be combined with an l-section conversion such as the following:

Rear Mansard L-Section Loft Conversion

Rear Mansard L-Section Loft Conversion

Do I require planning permission for a mansard loft conversion?

The answer is more than likely, due to the fact the roof will be altered.  Loft conversions types that typically do not require planning permission are skylight loft conversions and dormer loft conversions.  See our other blog posts for more details.

How much does a mansard loft conversion cost?

The cost of a mansard loft conversion very much varies depending on the number of square meters required and bespoke options needed in the space.  On average mansard loft conversions cost anything from £40K upwards.  For a more accurate detailed quotation, why not contact the Simply Loft team who can arrange for a free, no obligation site survey.  Simply Loft cover the majority of London and it is more than likely that they have worked on a job in your area.

If you think that Simply Loft could transform your loft space into something truly special, then why not get in touch with us today?  Our friendly advisors can be reached on 0800 917 75771.



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