There’s a time for playing it safe by opting for neutral colours or conventional room designs, such as planning to sell your home in the near future for instance. Otherwise it can be very exciting to have the chance to showcase a part of your life when working alongside the Simply Loft creative team. Our homes are an extension of us after all.

Patterned feature walls, Stripes, murals, alternative areas to hide away in. The sky’s the limit when you want to get imaginative with your loft conversion so get inspired by these three Simply Loft Client homes that pull out all the stops, from bold colour schemes and unusual materials to unexpected patterns. We love all three of these exceptional projects delivered by Simply Loft!

Balfour Road


The use of colour here at the loft conversion we completed on Balfour Road, North London is somewhat eccentric yet completely charming. When we’re deliberating over new colours for the home, we’re often conditioned to avoid clashes and to use the colour wheel to find a complementary colour palette.  But in fact, clashing colours can be the basis for some amazing colour schemes, giving your room a real vibrancy that a perfectly coordinated palette lacks. Provided that you stick to colours that are equal in tonal strength, you’ll create a bold statement in your home that is modern, fresh and right on trend.


The old saying goes that blue and green should never be seen. In fact, these two colours work together beautifully, if you know how to use them. To make the combination work, bring together different shades of both blue and green, around the room. Incorporate accents in varying shades through your accessories – pictures, drapes, and vases – to help tie the scheme together.

Armitage Road


Don’t let awkwardly shaped ceilings and small spaces put you off an attic conversion. With a little guidance from our in house Simply Loft architectural team, you can transform your loft conversion into the most stylish and unique room in your house.

Children love the idea of a hideaway, and there’s nowhere more exciting than in the attic. It’s a chance for the younger ones to escape daily life, play and be creative. The unconventional loft space at Armitage Road only adds to the charm of this playroom.

For me it was a dusty loft full of storage and a desk where I used to lose many hours playing…I would have loved this not so secret hideaway to play with my vast collection of computer games.

Princes Riverside Road


For me the real focal point of this stunning loft conversion is the ultra stylish balcony area.

A balcony has the greatest impact when created as an extension of the indoor space and design. For small balconies, the goal is to bring the outdoors in as we have done here with this 6th Floor apartment in Rotherhithe.

Small spaces require you to think creatively and efficiently, Use no more than three colours, with green as a given. This will keep a small space from looking too busy.


Inside we see a masculine space that features only a few key pieces. The large heavy bed is the main statement of the room complimented with a leather armchair and cowhide throw. The feature wall brings this exquisite room together perfectly.




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