As the specialists for bespoke loft conversions in London, every project we complete is truly unique.

We design each project to the client’s specific need, whether they’re looking to make room for a growing family or create a show-stopping new master room to transform the whole property.

We’re proud of them all but some stand out in our minds, since they required us to go the extra mile and do something extraordinary.

So here are our current Top 5 London loft conversions in no particular order. Could your London home benefit from a transformation of its own?

  1. Armitage Road

This enormous project featured two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a beautiful lounge/cinema room. A bank of skylights bathes this snug area in natural light, although the blinds can still be drawn at movie time. If you’re looking to add more bedrooms to a property a loft conversion could be ideal.

Armitage Road

  1. Biddulph Mansions

In actual fact, this extensive Maida Vale project is actually two loft conversions connected into one, on top of an 8 storey mansion block. Two loft conversions, housing children’s bedrooms were connected with a breathtaking roof terrace offering views of the surrounding area.

Biddulph Mansions

  1. Rothesay Avenue

You only need a little space to make a big impression with a modern loft conversion. That’s what we were able to accomplish with this lovely skylight loft conversion. The sparsely decorated room feels airy and spacious despite its small size. A cabrio velux window was used to create a balcony feature.

Skylight Loft conversion

  1. Brenda Road

Visitors of a nervous disposition might want to tread carefully in this funky loft conversion, which features a walk-over glass floor within the two level project. In addition to being an eye-catching design touch, this allows the maximum natural light into the lower section of the build. Stunning.

Brenda Road

  1. Kirkstall Gardens

Another large London loft conversion designed to accommodate a growing family, this project created two brand new bedrooms and an extra bathroom. Designed for a little boy and girl respectively, each new bedroom was fully decorated by Simply and ready to enjoy from day one.

Kirkstall Gardens  Kirkstall Gardens 2

Are you looking for more space in your London home? A loft conversion can be used for just about any purpose and we could design a loft to your specific needs. All you have to do is give us a call on 0800 917 7571 and talk to us today.

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