Depending on the type of loft conversion you are opting for, there are several window varieties available to you. Your choice of window is important as it will dictate the amount on natural light and fresh air able to infiltrate the space – ultimately deciding how bright and airy the room will be.

We’ve outlined some of the most popular loft conversion window choices to give you an idea of which ones are open to you (pun intended!).

  1. VELUX roof windows

Simply Loft London loft conversion VELUX

These skylights are popular particularly with more basic loft conversions (for instance, those without any structural alterations to the shape of the roof) since they simply fit into your existing roof. You can manipulate the placement of them to maximise light and they open wide to let in lots of air.

  1. Casement windows

Simply Loft London loft conversion windows casement

A more traditional hinged window like those you probably have in the rest of your house. These are ideal for dormer conversions and hip to gable conversions where there is a straight wall on at least one part of the roof.

  1. Juliet balcony

Simply Loft London loft conversion window Juliette balcony

Again, perfect for dormer or hip to gable loft conversions, the Juliet balcony is a tall window with a metal or glass barrier in front of it, forming a balcony effect when opened. These are brilliant if your loft conversion is overlooking your garden, offering beautiful views and lots of fresh air.

  1. VELUX CABRIO balcony

Simply Loft London loft conversion VELUX CABRIO balcony window

When closed on a pitched roof, this looks exactly like a skylight, but when opened it instantly transforms into a small balcony that allows you to step outside. If you want to bring in extra light and create more outdoor space, this is a great option and can really transform a more basic loft conversion.

  1. Roof terrace

Simply Loft London loft conversion window roof terrace

If your loft space is fairly limited, but you have the room to create a roof terrace, this kind of window combines a skylight and casement window to create a floor-to-ceiling view as well as a doorway to the outside terrace. This is a great way to make use of otherwise unused roof space as a garden – a particular advantage in London – without making your loft space smaller.

At Simply Loft, we have the experience to help you decide which type of window is best for your London loft conversion. To talk about you plans, contact us today using our enquiry form or by calling us on 0800 917 7571.

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