Many people hire Simply Loft to create their London loft conversion because they want extra space for an additional bedroom, bathroom or perhaps a study. However, others want a loft conversion for slightly less conventional uses – whether to do with work, a hobby or something else. We’ve listed some of our favourites.

Unusual uses for a loft conversion1

Yoga studio

Yoga doesn’t have to be practiced as part of a class and, in fact, many people prefer solitary practice as part of their daily routine. For those who find yoga an integral part of their lives, having a yoga studio at home can be a great way to practice without interruption. If you’re planning a loft conversion yoga studio, you’ll need to consider ways to draw in plenty of natural light whether through a large Velux skylight, a dormer window or even Juliet balcony. Décor-wise, think about calming, light colours and simple furniture to create a relaxed, open space.

Music room or recording studio

Renting rehearsal space as a musician or band can be expensive, and hiring a recording studio even more so. With home computer technology for musicians better than ever, a loft conversion could be all you need to set up your own rehearsal space or recording studio at home – particularly in London where the more traditional garage space is at a premium. When planning your loft conversion recording studio, you should look into sound-proofing options so that you can keep your neighbours on-side!

Artist studio

Whether it’s a hobby or your livelihood, having your artist studio at home means you can get going whenever creative inspiration strikes. However, whether its painting or sculpture, art can be messy, meaning many artists (or their families) aren’t keen to start working on their latest masterpiece in a corner of the living room. A loft conversion artist studio can give you space to create without worrying about getting paint on the sofa. It also offers a private space for sittings so that your subject can be at ease.

Sensory room

All children can benefit from sensory play, but this is particularly true of children with visual or hearing impairments or children with learning difficulties such as autism. A sensory room creates a calming, relaxing environment and helps little ones develop their motor skills. While you can, of course, visit local sensory rooms, building your own in a loft conversion can create a wonderful space for your child. Consider blackout blinds for your skylight or window when planning your sensory room loft conversion and think about flooring that will encourage comfort as well as offering different textures. You’ll also want to make sure you have sufficient electrical outlets for fairy lights and lighting tubes.

Unusual uses for a loft conversion2

Craft room

Whether your craft of choice is dressmaking, knitting, card making or something else entirely, having a dedicated space for it can give you the peace and quiet you need to indulge, as well as stopping fabrics, papers and glues cluttering up your living spaces. Custom storage solutions in your craft room loft conversion can be designed with your hobby in mind – you could even have particular spaces built in for equipment such as sewing machines.

Designing a loft conversion with your lifestyle, hobby or job in mind can create a dedicated space within your home without having to give up part of a bedroom or family living area. Contact the team at Simply Loft today to discuss your needs and plans for your loft conversion in London.

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