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Thinking of carrying out a loft conversion to your property? Here at Simply Loft we have met with and converted hundreds of clients lofts so why not take a look through our top loft conversion faqs below.

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How long does an average loft conversion take?

This really depends on the size and type of loft conversion you are intending on having. On average Simply Loft can build loft conversions in 8 weeks +/- 2 weeks.  However, depending on the size and specification of your loft conversion, they can sometimes take slightly longer.

How quickly can you start building on my property?

2 – 4 weeks assuming you have plans, structural designs and party wall notices in place.

How long does it take to get plans drawn up?

On average it takes us 4 – 5 weeks from signing the contract to get our client to agree on a set of plans, but of course we have had faster approvals if a client is in a particular hurry.

How long does it take for plans to be approved?

In general 8 weeks.  if revisions are required then this can sometimes take longer.

How long does it take to get a quotation?

Once a Simply Loft representative has visited your property and carried out a site survey it will take no longer than 1 week for you to receive a comprehensive quotation. If you have not received your quotation in this time, then please visit your junk email folder or give our team a call on 0800 917 7571.



What is a party wall agreement and do I need one?

A party wall agreement is required if your home has a wall that is connected to another property on either side. Each neighbour will have to be informed of the proposed works using a party wall notice form at least two calendar months before the intended start of the build. The party wall agreement is there to protect you and your neighbour from issues that might arise due to work done on the party wall. It draws up an agreement between you and you neighbour on what needs to happen if there is a problem. By law your neighbour can insist you have one before the work starts. At Simply Loft, we can advise you on this process and if necessary put you in touch with one of our certified party wall surveyors.

What is permitted development?

If your property is not in a conservation area or is a flat, you have permitted development rights (PD). This means you can develop your loft space without needing to gain planning permission. Your development will need to keep within the PD constraints i.e. terraced properties are allowed to develop an additional 40 Cubic Meters of extra space. Semi-detached and detached properties 50 Cubic Meters.

What is the difference between permitted development and planning permission?

With planning permission you are asking the council if your proposed scheme is acceptable. It is open to rejection by them and/or your neighbours and will have to follow the local development plan. With permitted development you are asking the council to simply confirm that your scheme fits within the permitted development criteria. The council will issue you a Lawful Development Letter if they agree. Technically you are not required to have the Lawful Development letter in place before the work starts and in fact there is no law stating you have to have it. This allows clients who request it, to start the work without waiting for the Lawful Development Letter thus saving time.

How much head height do I need in my loft to be able to convert it?

As a rule of thumb you need 2.2m between the top of the floor joist of the loft to the bottom of the ridge beam.


Types of Loft Conversions

What are the different types of loft conversions?

Skylight, rear dormer, L-section Rear Dormer (double dormer), Mansard, L-section Mansard (double Mansard), Hip-to-Gable and Hip-to-Gable Rear Dormer. See our planning section and types of loft conversions for further details.

Can I convert my loft?

You can check your ridge height with a tape measure, which will give you an indication if the space is convertible. But the only real way to know for sure is to invite one of our specialist surveyors to fully assess your property.

Do you build extensions?

Yes. Please visit Simply Extend which is the specialist extension arm of our company. We are very often asked to build loft conversions and extensions at the same time for some of our clients. Simply Extend specialises in kitchen extensions, rear and side return extensions as well as general refurbishment and works all over London.

Do you build basement conversions?

Yes, our sister company Simply Basement is able to carry out basement conversions to properties.  Please visit our website for further information or book in with one of our surveyors for a quotation.

Can I have other refurbishment work completed at the same time as my loft conversion?

Yes. We are a main contractor who has in house trades covering all aspects of domestic building work, whether this is fitting new kitchens and bathrooms or entire refurbishments.

How much disruption should I expect with a loft conversion?

Assuming we do not need to lower your ceilings, the disruption is kept to a minimum as the work is confined to the loft space and the heavy work can often be carried out from scaffolding outside your property.


Why Choose Simply Loft

What insurances and guarantees do you have in place?

We have public liability, employee’s liability and the most important, contract all risk insurance. Documentation can be provided on request.

Can I visit some loft conversions you have completed in my area?

We cover the majority of London and are more than happy to share references with you to contact and visit. There is a high chance there is a loft conversion we have completed in the vicinity of your home.

What areas of London do you cover?

Please visit our interactive map of London for a comprehensive list of areas we cover. You can also see case studies of loft conversions we have completed in different areas of London.

How much does a loft conversion cost?

Most loft conversions will fit within the budget of £30K- £40K depending on the size and type.

How long is my quotation valid for?

6 months.

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