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Bedroom Loft Conversion Ideas

According to a survey we conducted of 2,000 Londoners in 2015, 41% wanted to turn the space in their loft into a bedroom. Growing families need space and an extra bedroom can go a long way to help achieve home harmony.

Bedrooms need to be a sanctuary and a room that takes you away from the stresses of everyday life, a place that is calming and conducive for sleep. When you are creating a loft bedroom there are some design features you can incorporate that will help create a space you’ll love.

Loft conversion balconies and roof terraces

Balcony and roof terrace

An airy light room is always a welcoming place to be. A popular way to bring more light into a loft conversion is with a roof terrace or by adding a Juliet balcony.

Outdoor space in London is rarer than indoor space, so adding a roof terrace, if your property allows, is always worth the work. The picture above is from a project we did on a sixth-floor apartment in Rotherhithe. The owners renovated the entire flat, adding two bedrooms and a roof terrace, which created a room that’s flooded with light and air.

Balcony and roof terrace1

If a roof terrace is not an option, a Juliet balcony can be the next best thing. While you can’t step outside, these types of balconies let in plenty of light and keep the room airy and cool, which can also help with getting better sleep. Juliet balconies can be added to mansard loft conversions, hip to gable or rear dormer loft conversions.  Take a look at this fantastic project we completed in Barnet.

How do you make the most of the space in your loft bedroom?

bedroom loft conversion space

Keeping your space uncluttered can help you sleep better and all those nooks and crannies in loft bedrooms can make storage easy. When planning your loft conversion, adding built-in fitted furniture into the space will help keep the room clutter-free and maximise floor space. Placing cupboards under the eaves is also a great way to add storage.

Lofts are usually unconventional spaces, so you may need to get custom-made furniture. In this loft conversion, the owner had the ingenious idea of setting a chest of draws into the eaves.

bedroom loft conversion storage

For more detail on how to make the most of the space in your loft conversion have a read of our blog on space saving ideas.

Light up your loft conversion bedroom with Velux windows

bedroom with Velux windows

One of the simplest loft bedroom transformations is a Velux loft conversion. This type of renovation rarely needs planning permission and Velux skylights let in plenty of light while also keeping your bedroom private. During the summer, when the sun rises early, you can block out light with a blackout blind. Some Velux windows also have smart technology meaning they will close if it starts to rain or can open and close on a timer.   If you are still looking for a balcony effect on a velux or skylight loft conversion, then why not opt for the Velux Cabrio window?  It opens up to create a balcony letting in further light and air on hot summer days.

bedroom roof with Velux windows

Inspiring interiors for a loft bedroom

Inspiring interiors for a loft bedroom

It may seem obvious, but decorating your room with colours and items you love will help make the space inviting and a place you want to spend time in, as well as helping you sleep better.

The UK Sleep Council recommends not using your bedroom as an extension of your living room but for sleep only. If this is not possible, keep part of your room, for a reading nook or seating space which draws a line between relaxing and sleeping.

Want more loft decorating ideas then read our blog post for interior inspiration or take a look at our Pinterest page.

Children’s bedrooms

Childrens bedroom loft conversion2

Many loft bedrooms are occupied by children and this means you can let your creativity go wild. Opt for bright colours and a fun bed, or make the most of those nooks and crannies and create a den. When it comes to storage, you can never have enough in a kid’s room. If you have space under the eaves or an underused nook, use it for toy and clothes storage.

For more inspirational loft bedroom ideas, take a look at our gallery and case studies.

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