At Simply Loft, we don’t just build bespoke loft conversions in London we decorate them too.

Like everything else we do, the colours we use to decorate your brand new space are entirely up to you. But which colours will you choose and what do they mean?

Choosing a colour scheme for your loft conversion is about much more than what looks “good”. The more you discover about colours, the more you realise how closely connected they are to our moods, our attitudes and emotions.

Therefore choosing a colour scheme based on the theory behind those colours could influence the ways you enjoy your new space.

Let’s start with the primaries!


Red is the colour of passion and strong emotion, so if your loft conversion is a bedroom you can imagine what type of bedroom it might be! The colour red increases enthusiasm and encourages action and confidence. It also provides a sense of protection from fear and anxiety.

It could certainly be one way to keep the nightmares at bay.


Understandably, blue is known for a cooling effect; but not simply when it comes temperature. Blue is known as calm and sedate. It has even been known to help lower blood pressure and build confidence. With confidence comes productivity and blue is considered the most productive colour on the spectrum.

Could a blue loft conversion make the perfect study?

Blue Loft Conversion Bedroom



Yellow is mentally stimulating, but this comes with pros and cons. A yellow interior is known to stimulate the nervous system and encourage communication but it is also the colour most likely to cause eye strain and is even known to make babies cry.

Not ideal for a bedroom, then, especially for a little’un. Great for other parts of the home, though.


Green is the colour of nature. It’s also the colour of renewal, self-control and harmony. Soothing and restful on the eye, in contrast with yellow, green is known to help alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety; and it is relaxing physically as well as mentally.

In short: it is perfect for luxuriously, sleepy bedroom.



If you’re not using your loft conversion for bed time and rather hobby or creative time, you might consider using orange as part of your colour scheme. Orange is the colour of creativity. It stimulates hunger and enthusiasm.

Think orange is too overpowering? Why not choose to decorate an accent wall rather than the whole space?


Simple, stable and reliable; brown is connected to the Earth. It’s timeless and classic, it never gets old. We could create a classic space with your loft conversion using brown as a starting point.

Brown is wholesome and practical. Not one for teenagers, perhaps.

Neutral Loft Bedroom



Black is powerful, sophisticated and even somewhat mysterious. A black room is said to evoke a sense of potential and possibility. On the flip side, black harbours some connotations with evil and death, although that really depends on the school of design.


Finally, we come to white; the colour of purity and mental clarity. White supports mental clarity and encourages us to clear our clutter and obstacles. White is seen as a blank page and a fresh start.

Perfect then for a brand spanking new loft conversion in London and an elegant new space to be savoured for years to come.

White loft bedroom


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