If you use it wisely, a small amount of space in your home can make a big difference. That is what we discovered upon completing an extra small loft conversion in Edgware, London.

The project was completed on Cool Oak Lane in just 8 weeks. The client requested a small dormer loft conversion, complete with bedroom, ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. In spite of these in depth requests, the space that the Simply Loft team were asked to work with was particularly small. But with a combination of intelligent design and clever use of practical space, we were able to provide the homeowner with everything they wanted to gain from the space and a little more.

As contemporary as it is compact, the loft conversion made use of a clean, sparse design with multiple apex skylights to allow for natural light and to enhance the space. Ingenious and integral storage ideas meant that the room could house the artifacts that it needed to without creating clutter or mess. One storage option was an eye-catching diamond shaped bookcase built into the wall of the property.

By saving space with this area, and a minimalist en suite shower room and toilet, our team were able to provide the walk in wardrobe that the client had identified on their original wishlist.

It’s a great example of what can be achieved with a small amount of space and it is proof that London residents could consider a loft conversion in the area, regardless of how little loft space they have to work with.

The bedroom created by Simply Loft

The bedroom created by Simply LoftBathroom created by Simply Loft

Bathroom created by Simply Loft