National newspapers in the UK are reporting that middle income families are being priced out of moving house in London as property prices continue to soar.

Experts are predicting that house prices will continue to rise until the year 2020, ensuring that the market remains the domain of the rich in years to come.

So what do you do if you are a mid to low income family in London on the lookout for a bigger home? With a shortage of suitable homes available at an affordable rate, many are putting the money that they do have into their existing house. One of the most popular ways of doing so is a London loft conversion from Simply Loft.

When Rob and Helen Wood, the husband and wife team behind the highly successful building firm Simply Extend, welcomed their own new addition to the family, it became apparent just how difficult house hunting in modern London could be. This combined with their awareness of the growing popularity of loft conversions in London lead them to launch a new venture in 2010.

Since then Simply Loft has grown into one of the leading London loft conversion specialists in the industry; combining affordable prices with bespoke building projects and excellent aftercare services.

With the average cost of a London home set to rise to £570,000 in little over 5 years, more families than ever are choosing to optimise the home they have before competing with the house price bubble; because it isn’t just first time buyers priced out by the current London climate. It is those on the bottom rungs of the ladder who are looking to upscale.

Rob Wood, Managing Director of Simply Loft said: “It is said that homeowners now typically move once every 22 years, rather than every eight. That is how often Londoners moved in the 1980s, and it illustrates just how difficult the market has become.

“With more than two decades likely to pass between moves, it’s fair to suggest that whole families might grow under one roof. That means making space for new additions within the same space. One of the most popular ways to do that is with a London loft conversion.”

If you need to make room for extra bedrooms, bathrooms and more the answer could be right upstairs. But Simply Loft provide more than just a simple loft conversion. Every project is designed to the customer’s individual specifications and no two jobs are the same. Better yet since Simply Loft employ an in-house building, plumbing and electrical team there are no additional costs for outside agencies.

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