One of the primary uses for a loft conversion in London is making more room for a growing family.

Loft conversions are a great way to accommodate more kids with brand new bedrooms designed and decorated to your exact requirements. But there are number of things to consider when dreaming up your home improvements, to ensure that children aren’t only happy but also safe.

That’s why we’ve written our 5 Top Tips for a Child Friendly Loft Conversion in London. Take a read below and ask yourself if your loft conversion plans have been made with little ones in mind.

Childrens loft bedroom

  1. Windows

Juliet Balconies are breathtaking to behold, but they’re not child friendly additions to a build. It is important to ensure that young children cannot access windows and suffer potentially life threatening falls.

This does not only mean avoiding Juliet Balconies but also placing furniture away from windows, so they cannot be climbed on to access the window.

Window restrictors are perfect since they prevent windows from being opened to a dangerous extent.

It’s also important to ensure that if blinds are installed then cords are kept safely out of reach.

  1. Stairs

The vast majority of loft conversions feature an all-new staircase connecting the new loft area to the rest of the house. Anybody with small children will know how potentially dangerous a staircase can be.

A stair gate will avoid any tumbles and won’t affect the aesthetic of the home.

  1. Bathroom

Many loft conversions include en suite bathrooms. If you are adding a child’s bedroom and bathroom, it is advisable to ensure that you lock away products which could be harmful to children, such as toiletries, medicines and cleaning products.

Nowhere to lock them away? Why not add a shelf to keep them out of reach, or keep them in the main bathroom?

  1. TV

If the kids are lucky enough to have their very own TV, it is a lot safer to mount it on the wall out of reach. This will ensure that youngsters aren’t able to climb on the TV or interfere with it. It’s likely to give them a better view too.

  1. Sound Proofing

One way to earn some much deserved peace and quiet is to lay a thick underlay and carpet on the floor of your new child friendly loft conversion. It’s also possible to sound proof the space, so that you aren’t constantly disturbed by the thudding of an action packed playtime.

As the specialists for loft conversions in London, we can design and install the perfect space for your entire family. Give us a call today on 0800 917 7571 to arrange a free no obligation quote.

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