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Shared rooms for kids: the pros, the cons — and a possible solution?

Do your children share a bedroom in the family home — and if the answer is yes, are they doing so by choice or necessity? The question of whether or not children should share a room regularly sparks debate on parenting blogs and forums. As with most hot topics, there are pros and cons either way. Some children make for happy roomies, depending on their ages and temperaments. These kids can benefit from the companionship that a nearby sibling can…

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Not just for Christmas – A loft can be more than a place to hide prezzies

Christmas is practically here; meaning it won’t be long before light footed, London parents tiptoe into their loft to retrieve a sackful of secret Christmas presents, while supposed-to-be-sleeping children delight at the sounds of footsteps emanating from the roof. Of course, here at Simply Loft we know that a loft can be much so more than a place to hide presents. In 2014 alone, we have completed London loft conversions for dozens of families, helping them to transform their idle…

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How to Build a Child Friendly Loft Conversion – 5 Things You Need to Consider

One of the primary uses for a loft conversion in London is making more room for a growing family. Loft conversions are a great way to accommodate more kids with brand new bedrooms designed and decorated to your exact requirements. But there are number of things to consider when dreaming up your home improvements, to ensure that children aren’t only happy but also safe. That’s why we’ve written our 5 Top Tips for a Child Friendly Loft Conversion in London.…

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