Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should completely reflect your taste and personal style. This room should be a sanctuary that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and introspect. For many, it’s the room you spend the most time in and having a bedroom you love can help with your well-being and sleep quality.

Make your bedroom into a retreat


The fast pace of modern life can leave you yearning for somewhere to withdraw to – a quiet retreat where you can recharge and just have some good old-fashioned me time.

One of the most cost-effective ways to help make your room into a retreat is to declutter. Clutter and mess can cause stress; if you are having a loft conversion it’s a good excuse to have a thorough clean out.

Once you’ve decluttered your room, put the thing you’ve decided to keep in closed storage – like a cupboard, wardrobe, box or dresser. Loft bedrooms usually have nooks or crannies that can be used to create built-in storage or that space can be used for a chest of draws or decorative box.

Another simple thing you can do is make your bed in the morning. A made bed can be a calming sight especially after a stressful day and it’s also one less thing to do when you get home. When it comes to bedding, choose covers that you love and a material that gives off a luxury feeling. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on expensive bedding to achieve this.

Have a reading nook or a relaxing area


If you have an unused corner in your bedroom or an awkward space, why not transform it into a reading nook or a relaxation area. Having a separate space from your bed for reading and relaxing can help give you better quality sleep.

To create a reading nook, firstly find a comfortable chair or bean bag. Make sure there is plenty of cushions and a blanket – the space needs to be cosy and warm. Ideally have light coming in from the window for day time reading and a lamp that emits a soft glow for after-dark.

Similar to a reading nook, you need to find some space in your room that you can use to relax in. If you have somewhere you can look out of a window and enjoy a good view even better. First, find a comfortable chair, day bed or use lots of large scatter cushions or beanbags. The idea is to have somewhere you can lie down that’s away from your bed. Again use a lamp that has a soft light, have a warm cosy blanket and use a soothing colour scheme. You could also choose to place a small side table nearby for resting drinks and snacks on.


Loft bedrooms usually have an unconventional layout and because of this space can be wasted. However, with a little imagination, you can transform those awkward nooks and crannies into productive storage spaces.

If your bedroom is in the eaves then you can use the low ceiling space as cupboards.


If the space you have is awkward, you can commission bespoke wardrobes and cupboards to make the most room available.


If you have a narrow nook in your room, try tucking furniture into this space.


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