In such a crowded city as London, gaining more space can be difficult, but by expanding into the loft area of your house you can add that much need extra space. Loft conversions can also be cost effective too, as they can add value to your home. But how do you turn, what was once dead space, into a beautiful bedroom, bathroom, playroom or home office? Read on to read our top interior design tips for your loft conversion.

The stairs

When dreaming of your ideal loft, you’re probably not thinking about the stairs, but they are important. However, you ideally don’t want to give over too much space to them. If space is especially tight, a spiral staircase may be the best choice. To ensure you still get plenty of light on the stairs and landing, you can install a light well or skylight.

Make the space multi-functional 

With this new extra space, you need to make the most of it. Some of our clients have taken advantage of the extra space by zoning a room. For example, one client put an open plan bathroom into one corner of a bedroom.

Loft Conversion Interior Design

Keep your privacy

When undertaking a loft conversion keeping your privacy is paramount. This can be done with skylights and Velux windows. These are especially effective in a bathroom, where privacy is arguably most important. It is difficult for neighbours to see through a skylight into the room, they still let in lots of light and it saves you having to purchase frosted windows. Skylights can also be well utilised in a bedroom too; to ensure further privacy you can have sliding blinds. It is possible to have blinds that open and close via remote control and some can even be timed.

If you have a Juliet balcony or a picture window, opting to install plantation shutters can give you the privacy you need without having to compromise on light.   

Make the most of those architectural features

Loft Conversion Interior Design

Attic spaces can have a whole host of architectural features such as chimney breasts, beautiful wooden beams and sloping ceilings. The best thing to do with these, sometimes awkward spaces, is to embrace them. Such spaces lend themselves well to storage such as built-in cupboards and shelves or they can be used for zoning rooms – for example, space for a desk or reading nook.


Loft Conversion Interior Design

Every home needs storage and loft conversions can provide some innovative storage solutions. Popular with clients are cupboards under the eaves, custom built in wardrobes and shelving. For some inspiration take a look at our storage ideas gallery.

If you want to gain more living space by expanding into your loft space then contact Simply Loft for a free site survey today.

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