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Client: Kate

Brief: Loft conversion Balham. L-section only loft conversion to create a study / cinema family room.

Timescale: 8 weeks

What would you do with an extra room in your house? That’s a question many homeowners ask themselves when considering a loft conversion. Some opt for their very own study, others install a cinema room for family and friends.

Kate from Balham chose both.

This L-section only loft conversion in south London serves as a room in which Kate can get away from it all and do some work. Then when the work is done, it doubles as a place where the entire family can escape into another world, as the lights go off, the projector screen comes down and the movie starts.


It took Simply Loft just 8 weeks to provide Kate with extra space she needed, and this included designing the space to fit the client’s specifications, and decorating the room in full.

We chose a simple design and set of neutral colours which wouldn’t distract Kate during work time and wouldn’t detract from the excitement of the film.

Her own specific wishes were at the heart of all of our choices and we consulted her throughout the project. One thing is for sure: this is exactly what Kate wanted from her loft conversion.


Every family needs a space to escape from the stresses and strains of school, work and other difficulties. That’s what going home is all about.

Kate’s family likes to grab some popcorn and enjoy movies together. This family time was special before, but now it’s even better, with their very own cinema to enjoy their favourite films in.


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