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Client: Simon

Brief: Loft conversion Southwark, London. To create a rear dormer loft conversion adding an extra bedroom and bathroom.

Timescale: 8 weeks

Often, additional bedrooms gained from a loft conversion serve as secondary or tertiary bedrooms. Many London families commission them for extended families or children. But thanks to the scale and quality of Simply loft conversions in London, they can just as easily become the master bedroom of the house.

Simon, a homeowner from the Southwark area of London, requested a rear dormer loft conversion which would create an additional bedroom and bathroom within the property. While there was a fair amount of space available, it was still necessary to use that space sensibly in order to cater to a liveable double bedroom with suitable storage. Simply Loft were able to provide the space required using integral storage built into the space, while newly installed windows and skylights provided the maximum natural light possible.

A stylised bathroom design was incorporated, complete with brand new heating and plumbing. Once again a new skylight provided plenty of natural light. In total, the project was completed in just 8 weeks and Simon was provided with a brand new space to enjoy with family. In addition to helping customers to choose the right loft conversion for their property, Simply Loft can help them to perfect a bespoke design which caters to all of their requirements.

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