We recently ran a survey which uncovered that a large number of London homeowners would consider a loft conversion to simply provide more storage space.

Of course, the most popular use of a London loft conversion is the additional bedroom (and possible en suite) but whether you’re adding a bedroom, a cinema room or anything else to your home, you’re going to need storage options and there are plenty to choose from.

Since loft spaces come in all shapes and sizes, it is necessary for storage styles to be equally diverse.
So which loft conversion storage solutions should you go for?

Bespoke storage strikes a careful balance between style and functionality. We design and manufacture many of our bespoke storage options from scratch, meaning you can take advantage of more space than you thought you had available to you.

We’re talking in particular about eaves storage, which nestles directly beneath the eaves of the roof.

Eaves Storage

The most common kind of eaves storage is a simple set of drawers beneath the eaves. They can be used to store clothes and much more and once closed they’re virtually invisible; but they don’t just have to be drawers. Your eaves space could be shelves or boxes, with pull-down covers for a cleaner, less cluttered look. Eaves storage space can also be used for pull out storage. A row of shelves pulls out and could contain books, shoes and a lot of other things. Whatever they hold, the point of all eaves storage is that they not be visible when they’re not required.


Built in Wardrobes

Built in wardrobes are also very popular in London loft conversions and the primary reason is the question of space. If you can make your storage options integral to the room, they don’t have to take up valuable floor space. Some loft spaces are small enough as it is but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make for a handy extra bedroom, especially if you can retain as much floor space as possible.



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