Ever thought about a loft conversion? Well maybe it’s about time you do, as UK estate agents and studies by the National Building Society suggest that a new bedroom can increase the value of your home by a 5th.

Maybe look up before you decide to convert that garage into a bathroom, as loft conversions that turn unused spaces into bedrooms seem to have the highest potential to increase value to a property. As part of the National Association of Estate Agents’ monthly housing market report, 49 per cent agreed that the addition of a bedroom, as opposed to adding any other room, by way of converting the loft was a sure fire way to increase your property’s value.

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However, a kitchen was voted a close second place by a third of the estate agents surveyed as a means to increase property value.

Jan Hytch, President of the NAEA said ‘Our research shows that bedrooms and kitchens are seen as the most sensible areas for expansion and this rings true when a property comes on to the market.

The number of bedrooms is usually the first criteria house hunters select, so if it’s possible to add an additional bedroom, there can be an immediate effect on price. Remember that securing the necessary consents is a must, as unapproved work has an impact on resale value.’

Interestingly enough the camp was very much divided when it came to other forms of extension as only 4 per cent felt a conservatory would increase value, whereas the remaining estate agents, totalling 3 per cent each side, felt the addition of a garage or converting of an existing garage increased value.

Simply Loft are the premier loft conversion experts in London. The family run business understands what people and families need when it comes to creating a beautiful living space that not only increases the value of your home, but breathes new life into your property.

Experts in creating custom made living spaces, the team at Simply Loft work with you every step of the way, from obtaining planning permission on your behalf to crafting anything from glass walkways to bespoke staircases that can be as minimalistic or as designer chic as you like.

A new bedroom by way of a loft conversion in London is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home. We can install everything from an ensuite with walk in shower right the way to custom hidden storage compartments that save room and make the most out of every inch of space your loft holds.

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