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Spiders, a few forgotten suitcases and dusty Christmas decorations might all be items you’d expect to inhabit your loft space, but a trunk of false noses, a box of stolen credit cards, Victorian pornography, a priceless WW1 medal, a diamond ring and a family of hamsters may not! These were just some of the more unusual items found in people’s lofts according to the national survey we recently conducted.

With the cost of moving home skyrocketing, for many people the only way to increase their living space is ‘up’ with a loft conversion. We asked over 2,000 UK residents (2,005 UK residents were independently surveyed) to cast their thoughts upwards and find the potential in their attic space…. and that’s not the only thing we found!

1 in 5 people surveyed found some sort of pest in their attic. Wasps were found to be the most prevalent; one respondent even claiming to have found a nest the size of an armchair. Mice, birds, bees, squirrels, rats, bats and hamsters were also found. It’s therefore unsurprising that 3% of the adult population admitted to being Koinoniphobic (scared of their loft!).

However for a small number of people brave enough to peek into their rafters, their courage was rewarded with two diamond rings, 29 pieces of art, three cases of rare Italian wine, a number of items of priceless WW1 memorabilia and a signed Manchester United shirt having all being discovered. But hidden treasures are not the only ‘cash’ to be found in your attic. A loft conversion can add over 20% to the value of your home (according to a 2014 survey conducted by Nationwide), a statistic which will surprise 7 out of 10 people, who only believed it would add value of 10% or under to a house price. With 75% of people surveyed wanting to convert their loft, this could mean that there’s potentially over £673 billion pounds of loft space in the UK just waiting to be put to use (based on there being 25million households in the UK and an average house price of £179,492).

When the UK was asked what they might most like to most transform their loft space into, 41% wanted to turn the space into an extra bedroom. A craft workshop, yoga studio and Scalextric room were also some of the more creative ways people would like to use their loft. The survey also found that the UK are no longer ‘climbing the housing ladder’, instead we’ve become a nation of property developers with 7 in 10 people preferring to develop their home rather than move house.

Said Rob Wood, Director of Simply Loft “Having personally surveyed thousands of lofts nothing surprises me anymore. Admittedly, there have been occasions when the odd bit of taxidermy has scared the wits out of me. What does surprise me however is the misconception that loft conversions are expensive or disruptive. Loft developments can take a matter of weeks” Wood continued “and are surprisingly affordable, with the average project starting from around £30k (based on the design and build cost of an average rear dormer loft conversion. Costs exclude VAT). The value a loft conversion can add to your home shouldn’t however just be seen in pound signs. It can transform your home and your lifestyle, increasing ‘liveability’ so that your house works for you.”

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