So you’ve decided to give your London home a loft conversion to create more space. That extra bedroom, cinema room, man cave or office is within reach and you’re already thinking how you’ll decorate and use it to make the most of it. What you possibly haven’t thought about is the type of loft conversion you want. This is important as it not only dictates the amount of space you’ll be able to access, but also how the conversion will change the aesthetics of your home.

We’ve put together a list of some of our most popular London loft conversion options to give you a sense of what’s possible.

1. Dormer loft conversion

Simply Loft dormer London loft conversion

The most popular type of loft conversion we work on usually doesn’t require planning permission (although it’s always worth checking this), yet can provide up to 50 cubic metres of additional space and lots of head height. A variation on this is the L-shaped dormer loft conversion, which sees two dormers connected together – great for creating a spacious bedroom with en suite.

2. Hip to gable loft conversion

Simply Loft hip to gable London loft conversion

If your home has a hipped roof (one with sloping sides) you can create a lot more space with a hip to gable loft conversion, which sees the hipped end of the roof extended into a gable roof (one with straight sides) to make the inside space bigger. You can even add a dormer to this, combining the two conversion types for an extra large space.

3. Mansard loft conversion

Simply loft mansard London loft conversion

If you want to use your entire roof space of your London home, perhaps for a couple of bedrooms or a new bedroom and en suite then a mansard loft conversion could be the right option. It changes the structure of your roof to an almost vertical slope allowing for windows or even Juliette balconies. You’ll likely need planning permission for this type of conversion, but we can help with that so it needn’t be a hassle.

4. Skylight/Velux loft conversion

Simply Loft skylight Velux London loft conversion

If you want your loft conversion to be simple yet effective then a skylight or Velux conversion may be best. The structure of your roof isn’t changed in any way – windows are simply added. It’s ideal for creating a spare bedroom or an office space, although does not maximise your space internally so it’s not the best option if you want to create a couple of additional rooms.

Simply Loft work on several different types of loft conversion in London and, when you book your survey with us, we’ll be able to give you suggestions on the options available to you based on the structure of your home. But it’s worth having a think beforehand about how you want to use your loft conversion and, therefore, what kind of space you’ll need.

For inspiration, take a look at our case studies, which show off the different types of conversion we offer.

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