Spring has sprung and house prices in the UK have skyrocketed to even greater heights. So, how do you compete in already competitive market? One of the key ways to get a pretty penny for your property is by improving the house that you’re looking to sell.

Property specialists Rightmove reported that house sellers have added close to £10,000 to the asking prices on their listings in the past month. Of course, since May marks the outset of house buying season, prices always enjoy a bump; but this is the largest monthly increase on record.

This is perhaps more significant for London residents and property owners than anywhere else, because houses have been selling for considerably more than their asking prices throughout 2014. But before you can agree on a specific price, you have to ensure that the buyer selects your property over others in the target area. Home improvements are a great way to close the deal.

Home improvements aren’t just for families that are intent on staying put in a property. They’re valuable tools in a seller’s arsenal. Obviously, there is considerable cost in carrying out a project. But the rewards can be great, particularly during a house price boom.

Loft conversions in London by Simply Loft can be completed in as little as 6 to 12 weeks and once complete, homeowners can enjoy a fully furnished new space which is ready to be lived in and enjoyed. This means that even if you planned to sell the property this summer, there’s still time to carry out the project.

Armitage Road

As a family run company, Simply Loft know exactly what London property owners need and they understand that no two projects are every truly the same. If you’d like to gain the competitive edge in the London housing marketing during summer 2014, talk to the team today and spend a little money which could help you land your dream sale.

For more information give us a call on 0800 917 7571 or head over to our main site at https://www.simplyloft.co.uk and check out some of the projects we’ve already completed.

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