loft conversion London christmas

A loft conversion in London becomes a kid’s perfect playroom.

Christmas is practically here; meaning it won’t be long before light footed, London parents tiptoe into their loft to retrieve a sackful of secret Christmas presents, while supposed-to-be-sleeping children delight at the sounds of footsteps emanating from the roof.

Of course, here at Simply Loft we know that a loft can be much so more than a place to hide presents. In 2014 alone, we have completed London loft conversions for dozens of families, helping them to transform their idle storage space into an extra bedroom, a music studio or even a cinema.

In fact, rather than a place to hide Christmas presents, a loft conversion could be the gift that keeps on giving. With an extra bedroom, and perhaps an en suite, you could consider taking on a lodger and charging rent. You’d earn back the cost of a London loft conversion in no time at all.

If you’re looking to sell the property altogether, that extra bedroom will increase its value overall, since the number of bedrooms in the property is a major factor in a valuation. Considering that London house prices are still making headlines, after all this time, who knows how much value you could gain?

But let’s face it, Christmas time is about spending time with friends and family, and if your home is more to you than an investment opportunity, there are other benefits to a loft conversion you’ll find more important.

In 2015, you could expand your home to include more high quality living space. This could mean a large, new bedroom for one of the kids, or a playroom for the lot. It could be a home office for you or your partner. In truth, it could be just about whatever you want it to be.

Once Christmas is out of the way, and New Year’s resolutions are the order of the day, why not make a loft conversion in London you main aim for 2015?

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