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Converting your loft into a home gym

Deciding to transform your loft into your own personal home gym is an exciting new venture. Not only are there many advantages to having your workout space just a flight of stairs away, (think about the time saved and the motivation of having it even closer than your doorstep!) but it’s also an excellent way to increase the value to your property, whilst making the most of unused loft space. So, if you’re thinking of converting your London loft into…

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Transforming your loft into a personal yoga studio

Between the pressures of our jobs and the general hustle and bustle of London life; there’s nothing better than finding a few quiet moments to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, with yoga becoming increasing more popular, it can be difficult to find a class that is small enough to give you the calming experience you desire. So, there’s no wonder that more and more London families are making the most of their unused loft space by transforming it into a personal…

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Cladding options for loft conversions

When people are having a loft conversion built, they’re usually so excited about what they’re going to do with all that new space inside (and who wouldn’t be excited about that brand new bedroom with en suite, cool home office or playroom for the kids) that they don’t give much thought to what it will look like from the outside. However, there are a variety of different loft conversion cladding options available to you that will make your loft look…

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A Guide To Dormer Loft Conversions

This week we’re taking a look at one of the most popular types of loft conversions, namely dormer loft conversions. Dormer loft conversions are most typically built to the rear of the property and can come in variety of shapes and sizes.  See below for a basic diagram of how a dormer would be constructed onto a roof. Why are dormer loft conversions so popular? They provide a good amount of head height, more so than skylight loft conversions.  This…

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The Simply Loft guide to Loft Conversions. Starting with Skylight conversions!

Each week at Simply Loft we will be taking you through the different types of loft conversions that can be carried out on a property. This week we’re going to start with Skylight loft conversions which are also known as Velux conversions due to the windows that are installed.  This is one of the simplest and most cost effective loft conversions to build as the roof of the property is not altered in any way and only windows are added.…

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